Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth

1 Pet 2.2

Babies don’t just get born and then grow into adulthood all by themselves. Like, just crawling around and then reaching the age where they are old enough (say, three or four) where they can enter the wonderful world of video games. Nourishment is the vital need from those first breaths in the world of the living. Growth demands it.

But a question is:

“How many people place their sincere faith in the Lord Jesus for their eternal salvation and then either get sidetracked by the things of the world or even abandoned by their spiritual influences?”

Now, that sweet little newborn baby begins taking in the prepared nourishment when only minutes old. And then goes short amounts of time for rest before it’s nourishment time again. And then, as the Creator of all had planned, the baby moves on from milk to more solid food. This diet changing continues on for years with the child’s best physical health as the goal.

The Bible speaks clearly of a spiritual new birth (see John 3:3 and John 1:12,13). But this spiritual baby is so used to taking in the worldly diet of past hobbies, priorities, or even slight addictions that it needs a motherly influence to direct it to wholesome spiritual food like quality time reading in God’s Word, a dependence on prayer and drawing closer to their Heavenly Father, or spending regular time with stronger believers.

Reading the Bible, like a baby listening to its mother, is a learning process of getting to know better the one who gave you birth. Prayer is simply communicating to God what is on your heart whether requests or words of thankfulness. A small baby certainly has no difficulty in letting Mama know if there is a need or something to be happy (and thankful) for. And every baby delights in the closeness to other family members. So should a believer in Jesus find special joy in the company of other members of their spiritual family.

So, this nourishment word should be upon the hearts of all believers. They are either in need of it, and every believer is, or they know someone who they could have a nourishing influence upon. After all, you don’t have to be an old mother to feed a baby, and you don’t have to be a longtime Christian to offer spiritual food to someone in need.

But every mother, or giver of nourishment, has a big job toward that little one being fed. It’s an ongoing commitment that demands time and sacrifice. And that new Christian needs someone to attend to them with a similar determination as they seek to meet their needs and struggles that the younger Christian deals with during their growing years.

At whatever age a believer is, there is someone in their life who can benefit from their one-on-one ministry, or someone they need to turn to for getting that boost of growth that they need. You’re a feeder or one being fed. You know of someone in need of your help, or you are hungry yourself. Ask God today to show you of a need—a spiritual hunger to know the full life that God wants for His children. If the need is in yourself, commit to taking it in. If in a friend, give the needed care like a loving mother.

“You, God, are my God,
earnestly I seek you;

I thirst for you,
my whole being longs for you,..”

Psalm 63:1

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