The Bible is full of reminders. The Old Testament and the New Testament address our weakness in remembering what our loving God has done in our lives. Our minds are easily distracted to the callings of the world around us. The historic things of God can too easily get forgotten somewhere in storage.

In Deuteronomy 6:4-9, God tells the Israelites to remember the commandments by tying them to their hands, having them written in their houses, and by teaching them to the next generation. In Joshua 4, God gives the command to Joshua to take twelve stones from the Jordan River that the Israelites had just crossed to set up as a memorial for future generations of the miracle that God had just performed.

In the New Testament, during the participation of the Lord’s Supper (or Communion) Jesus said, “… do this in remembrance of Me.” (1 Corinthians 11:24,25). It was not to be a ritual—just something to be done at church. But it was to be a reminder of all that happened for the disciples’ benefit (and now ours) on that horrible day on that cross.

God’s love for us is too easily taken for granted or even abandoned under the category of “Religious Things.” It takes a plan of action to remember what God has done in our lives—what He has done to show His great love for us.

I recently put together a short book of what God had done in my life. It was mostly for my own benefit, a reminder of God’s great love for me. There were high points where God was clearly touching my life, and there were times of feeling abandoned. But those times of feeling all alone were followed by His loving grace upon my life.

There was the low time when my social life as a single appeared hopeless. Or a cold night lost while hunting in the woods. And there was that afternoon in total defeat over major family problems. But these were just the first chapters in exciting times God had in store for me. My hopeless single life led me to the girl through whom I found salvation in the Savior of the world. The night shivering in the freezing woods led me to the assurance that God wanted me to remember from His Word that when my life on this earth was finished, I would be with Him for eternity. And my despair over family problems led me to commit to praying for friends all around me with similar burdens weighing upon them.

My little book became memory after memory of all that God had done, and is still doing, in my life. It will never be a best seller. Probably only read by a few. But it was exciting to put together some of what my Savior had done in my life. It’s a reminder to me to NEVER FORGET.

So, if you have a memory that is a few notches short of perfect, you may just benefit too in writing down one experience after another of God’s working in your life. But if you do, don’t write it to show off just the high points. Life is a journey of highs and lows. The highs, of course, are when God demonstrates His great love for us. The lows are needed to remind us of our feeble weaknesses when left to our own thinking.

No one comes to know the Savior because they are such a great person. We have a sin nature within us that says, “I can do it on my own.” It is God’s grace that says, “You need Me.” It is the grace and love of God that brings us to salvation, and it is that same grace and love that is at work throughout our lives as believers in Him. We need to do whatever it takes to NEVER FORGET. The little times and great ones where God said, “I love you,” need to be always on our minds and in our words of praise to Him. He wants us always to remember.

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