Seven fill-in-the-blank lessons with POP UP Bible verses to help build your
faith in Jesus solid as a rock.

“. . . no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid,
which is Jesus Christ.”

1 Corinthians 3:11

Jesus is the One who came to give life and the power through which to experience it. Jesus alone is the focus of our lessons. The Christian life is meant to be lived “to the full.” So, click on Lesson One and begin the great adventure of building a close relationship with Jesus Christ.

SN Cross



1 – Who is Jesus Christ?

2 – The Earthly Life of Jesus Christ

3 – The Death of Jesus Christ

4 – The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

5 – Jesus Christ Living in the Christian

6 – A Life of Witness for Jesus Christ

7 – Living by Faith in Jesus Christ



Jesus Lessons

3 thoughts on “Jesus Lessons

  1. This is a very detailed informative study ,for anyone that needs to understand what we as Christians are to do once we are saved .Also it helps the people that are being introduced to being a Christian to understand what we are all about ,how to study get into the word and know Father ,son and Holy spirit. I enjoyed this !

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