Is There Really A God?

Is There Really A God?

The answer to this most important question must be either Yes or No. There can’t be an in between. No possibility of the answer being “Whatever works for you.” If you believe there is a God, and I believe there isn’t, one of us has to be wrong. No other choice.

Let’s look at a few different topics that will shed light on this question. First, let’s consider the condition that the Bible calls sin. I know, maybe your idea of sin is different than mine. But that’s okay. We have the right to make up our own standards of right and wrong. We’re individuals with a free choice.

But here is the really big question. Have you ever done anything, in all your life, that you consider wrong? Not just a dumb mistake, but a choice that went against what you believed was morally right? If you are a mature individual with a reasonably normal sized brain sitting on your shoulders, the answer to that question would have to be a resounding Yes. It doesn’t have to be robbing a bank or murder. It could be something as small as uttering a few mean words that you wish you could take back. Or even a thought that slipped through your thinking that you had to admit was wrong.

This brings us to the verse in the Bible that says, “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,” (Romans 3:23). That big mistake that Adam and Eve made back in the Garden of Eden would seen to have to be true—real people breaking God’s one law. If you look at that one mistake back in the beginning of history, you would have to conclude that the result was a genetically altered human race for the millenniums that have followed. We live in a world full of sin, the huge ones and the tiny ones. Not a person is exempt from having a nature to sin.

Okay, let’s leave that downer of a topic, and move on to a second and brighter one, Sex. Now that I have your attention, consider that the world as we know it all began through God or possibly a big explosion that happened when two huge rocks banged together. The result, from whichever was your choice, is a world filled with living things that were all designed to be “mini-creators” of their particular species. An entire world filled with plants, animals and human beings that are given the capability of creating their own kind. If you went with the “two rocks” theory, they would have to be two very, very, very smart rocks.

Here’s a last topic to consider in learning the truth about the existence of God. What about time? Where did time come from? Even those really smart scientists believe that the world has only been here for some millions of years. So what about before those many years? Before that very first glob of goo appeared that they say we evolved from. Our limited minds can’t comprehend back to when there was no time. Back to when nothing existed. No planets. No sky. Not even a huge empty space. Absolutely nothing (nothing but God). Those two rocks weren’t even around.

I’ve got it. The answer is so simple. There absolutely has to be an all-powerful God who started life. John 14:6 even says that Jesus is life. If I believed that there was no such thing as God, I guess that seems to say that I was in error. Genesis 1:26,27 says that we humans were made in God’s image. An eternal soul residing within us and the ability to be mini-creators are only part of our similarity to our Creator.

On occasion, I try to wrap my mind around the concept of timelessness. To think of there being only God. No heaven or hell. No angels or that ugly creature with the red suit. Only God existed. He hadn’t even created time. But let’s skip ahead a few years from today. The Bible declares that there will come that time when everything we see around us will be gone. Heaven and hell, which we cannot now see, will be all there is—all there is except us. Our eternity is waiting for us. John 3:36 paints a bright eternity for those who have placed their faith in Jesus Christ for forgiveness from their sins. But it speaks of God’s wrath being eternally upon those who “reject” the Son—those who rely on doing “nice” things once in a while or going to church when it’s convenient.

It’s like jumping into the middle of the ocean from a burning boat. The choice: “Shall I put on that life jacket or just take my chances.” The first choice requires faith placed in an object—the life jacket. The second choice is a reckless gamble against an impossibility.

It was at the age of twenty-two when I acknowledged my sin nature and expressed my faith in Jesus to forgive my sin and be my savior from a tormenting eternity. Every human makes that decision or whimsically chooses to tough it out on their own. Hey, a hundred years from now we will all be in eternity. Life jacket or not. Faith in the Savior and Creator of the world or relying on our own Satan-inspired wrong thinking.

I pray that I will see you in eternity with God—heaven, where absolutely everything is perfect and goes on forever. There won’t be any question then about the existence of God, and the five o’clock news will all be good news. Correction: No clocks in heaven.

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