The Question

The Question

When Christians sit in a church service, they sing songs and listen to a message from God’s Word. For a lot of us that pretty much sums up our “Christian” week. Maybe there’s a midweek Bible study, or a church responsibility. But there are places in the Bible that suggest there is still more.

Hebrews 10:25 speaks of “encouraging one another.” Encouraging can happen in a Bible study or other group setting or one-on-one. But it’s a command from God and a need within all of us. There is that one question, however, that I have rarely heard (or asked). I have tried to encourage people around me, but that one question seems to usually get left out.

“How would you describe your time alone with God?”

The answer to this question may say whether or not there is victory in a person’s life. Whether they have discovered the abundant and victorious life Jesus wants them to have. All believers have their Christian routines, but it’s that time alone—just me and God—that may be the best measure of experiencing the Christian life.

So, the even bigger question I need to keep asking myself is “Am I popping this question to those closest to me?” Or maybe, just possibly, it’s me that needs to hear the question from a caring Christian friend.

The conclusion of that Hebrews verse goes “. . . —and all the more as you see the Day approaching.”

If the world around you is all peachy and rosy, then, for you, there may be no “Day” you are concerned about. But if death and suffering and a lack of peace about the future (or eternity) are on the faces around you, then maybe there’s a need to help others in their relationship with God. Maybe we need to get closer to those about us to help them . . . “Come near to God . . .

. . . and he will come near to [them] . . .” (James 4:8)

So, . . do I pop the question or not?