The Lingerers

The Lingerers

I know that I have one ore more, and I feel sure you do too. I believe God allows us to have one just to remind us of our need for Him. If I took the time to list all the sin areas that I have no problem with, it might be a pretty long list. It’s just that one sin (or possibly two or three) that lingers around.

It is obviously beneficial in the Christian life to gain more and more victory over areas of sin. For me, an area in the beginning of my new life in Christ that caused me concern was spending time at the tavern instead of being home with my wife and family. I made a decision those many years ago that my wrong priority was coming to an end. I never went back, and never much thought about it. It was a sin area that was gone for good. I have not been tempted with it—it’s gone.

Many other sins have been left those forty plus years ago. And some more maybe thirty years ago. But not the lingerers. They haunt me, and not on just a once-a-month basis either. They leave me no other choice than to keep asking God for help. My pleas with God are at least daily. I am so weak without Him. I know that’s just the way He wants it.

The lingerers have their God-given purpose. They humble. They remind us that the Christian life didn’t just happen in one day; it’s a life experience. It’s calling out to God daily in need of His grace.

Here are some areas of sin that sometimes get overlooked:
— Being the witness of what Jesus has given you,
— Loving that one person only God could love,
— Trusting God for the uncertainties of tomorrow,
— Failing to confess that unnoticeable sin,
— And, of course, being thankful in all things—absolutely all.

And the list goes on. So when you can’t think of anything to pray about—not one person in your life, or any undesirable circumstance, thank God for that lingering sin you just can’t seem to shake. Thank Him for keeping you turning in Him.