—— Using the “H” word

It’s so much more fun to think about that perfect vacation, than to contemplate the realities of Hell. To have that warm ocean water licking at your feet, or to stand next to one of the seven wonders of the world. Pleasant thoughts are what get us through a work day or what brighten up that lingering period of gloom. Negative thoughts are for negative people, we might conclude. I want to be a happy person communicating happy thoughts.

But where does that leave Truth. Do we cloud Truth over with our self-created ideas of reality. Or can we just stare the truth about Hell right in the face and say, I’m a person for Truth.

A proper mindset about this place prepared for Satan and his followers (see Matthew 25:41) is a necessary part of proper Christian thinking, and,from there, proper Christian living. Why? Because it is a real part of God’s eternal plan.

When we think about our non-Christian friends, we tend to think about how nice they are. We leave out the “H” word. But it is used, however, in a flippant manner throughout our day by people with no thought as to the eternal anguish it holds in store for those without a Savior. God’s view of these “nice” people could be explained using one of my favorite verses.

The trust is in Jesus, or it’s not.

I pray for my neighbors and relatives. I desire, along with God (1 Timothy 2:3-5), that all of them be saved. So, that leads to the question for all of us. Is this thought about Hell a passing thought, or is it an all-consuming burden that floods our thoughts and directs our actions throughout our day?

Okay. A fun thought. The next time you hear the word “Hell” tossed into the air as just another “fun” description, ask the one doing the “tossing” what they know about Hell. They may be caught off guard, or become angry, or give no response. But . . . they may just think later on about that moment with you and be prompted to raise Hell’s importance up a few notches in their thinking. Or, it is possible, and especially with a prayerful attitude, that they would be prompted to pause and look downward in a humble spirit and ask you to tell them about Heaven and Hell.

Hey, they use the “H” word, why don’t we. Use it to bridge a “typical” conversation into a Bible lesson about the bare truth about Hell and Heaven.