Beyond Hope

Beyond Hope

There’s one in every movie, every prison, and even every family. The one beyond hope. The one everyone has given up on. They’re just too far gone. There’s no one even praying for them. They’re destined to continue down the wrong path. They’re on their journey all alone.

There’s the good guys, the ones watching the news, and the bad guys, the ones making the news. The world’s view bombards us from every direction. It has to be true. It makes so much sense. I’m certainly not like those bad people. They deserve everything they get. They’re just plain bad!

But the world’s philosophy collides head on with the Truth of God’s Word. What seems to make sense from the world around us only seems so from a lack of insight into the truth—God’s Word.

Adam and Eve’s sin in the garden didn’t just affect the “bad” people. It left everyone, even you and me, beyond hope. A reading through Romans chapter three paints a gloomy picture of your and my “goodness.” It even lumps us together with all those “bad” people. Conclusion: You and I have the same hope as the worst person we can imagine. And that hope is in the grace of a loving God through Jesus, our Savior.

Picture a person in your life who fits this “Beyond Hope” state. Now remove all thoughts such as: “If they’d only get their act together,” or “They just need to quit ______, then things would be better.”

Now, in place of this world-thinking philosophy, place “What they really need is the touch of God’s grace.” Ephesians 2:8,9 tells us that even the faith to believe in God’s plan of salvation is a gift from God. We can do nothing in our own power to reach God. And neither can that one person in your life you have labeled “Beyond Hope.”

God’s Spirit at work through your prayers, your salvation testimony and changed life, and the power of God’s Word, and nothing else, can reach that person in your life you have discarded as Beyond Hope.

So, just take those two words and draw a big line through them, like so: Beyond Hope. Now, in their place, put, “…all things are possible with God.” Mark 10:27.