Witnessing — Step One

Witnessing — Step One

There is a big problem in witnessing. One that stops most people before they get out the door. The problem results in a fear that freezes a sincere believer in his tracks and renders his lips immovable. The problem is a lack of understanding of who God really is–trying to share the truth of God without fully knowing it one’s self.

The eleven disciples were given a final command from Jesus to make disciples. They were to teach others what Jesus had taught them. So why did they accomplish so much, and us so little? They were just ordinary men with clearly described weaknesses. Yet they were the means through which Christ began the construction of His church.

The answer to this hand of God upon those first decades of witnessing for the Savior was in these men depending upon God–their commitment to prayer.


– Luke 5:16 a pattern of prayer

– Luke 18:1 never giving up

– Acts 10:2 a pattern in the new believer

– Acts 12:5 church wide prayer

– Acts 16:25 in the midst of suffering

– Romans 15:30,31 for the witness of other believers

– Philippians 4:6,7 instead of worrying

Much could be said (or written) about what one should ask for in prayer, but “much” is not the goal here. And God is more interested in working through a ready and willing heart over lips that can pray guided by someone else’s plan. He wants you to know and acknowledge that you simply are helpless without Him. The foundation to a life of witness is in nothing more than time spent in prayer. Praying for courage for yourself, open opportunities to speak for God, receptive hearts in those yet without Christ, and a day-by-day confession that you can’t do it without God’s help.

You don’t have to be brave to pray, or have the gift of evangelism. No training in public speaking is necessary. An honest and open heart is all that is required. It’s God’s primary desire that His children confess their need for Him.

A True Story:

Many years ago (maybe thirty) I had it upon my heart to talk with my uncle about the Lord. With great fear, I went over to his house one day after work. The conversation went on and on but never got around to the subject of God. I left in defeat. I confessed my weakness to God as I was driving home and asked for another chance.

Chance number two was a repeat of number one. More failure and more confession. Again a request for one more opportunity. Number three was (with an open heart on my part, and empowering on God’s) a success and a time with my aging uncle I will never forget.

So pray! Ask God what He wants you to pray about, and be willing to keep praying for your witness (until you hear God audibly tell you to stop). Then expect, and watch for, God to answer, and remember to thank Him when He does.